Blackjack... simplified.

Anticipation. Instant Gratification.
These are the elements of gambling that keep players engaged and playing.
Simply put, gambling is best enjoyed when it is fun and simple.
That’s why we invented 21STUD®
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In this version of Blackjack, we’ve removed the card drawing mechanic from the game.
This transforms the entire gaming experience into something exciting and new, yet familiar and easy to understand.
Action Shot
Features of this game include:
  1. High transaction velocity
  2. Reduced time between shuffles by 35%
  3. Multiple ways for the player to win
  4. Slot machine style-action in a live table environment
An improved positive experience
Everybody knows Blackjack - but not everyone knows how to play.
The average casino patron simply wants an easy game you can enjoy in a social setting.
Winning has never been easier!
Players will also benefit from the following:
  1. More opportunities to get blackjack
  2. Premium hands are significantly more likely to win
  3. Players no longer have to worry about “busting”
  4. Side bet action with payouts of up to 40:1
  5. Players are unable to “disrupt” the shoe after a round begins
Approved by the gaming industry community

The competition took place at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino Las Vegas in June 2022.
Details regarding the competition may be found here.
Watch this video to see it in action
Interview with The Wizard of Odds - wizardsofodds.com