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Question! Have you ever heard the words...?
I'm not very good at gambling.
This is the evidence of a new or inexperienced player.
As such, we must consider what this person is really saying!
Possible interpretations may include:
  1. I'm not confident in my ability to play Blackjack or Poker
  2. I've only seen Blackjack or Poker being played by others
  3. I prefer to play games that are solely based on chance
  4. I describe myself as unlucky in general
There are many reasons that people gamble.
Just look at this detailed article by Psychology Today entitled Why Do You Gamble? [2015]

We learn that gender roles play a contributing factor when determining preference of chance-based versus skill-based games.
Older people tend to choose activities that minimise the need for complex decision-making or concentration.

We may never know all the reasons why a single person decides to gamble!
BUT - there is one thing we can say for sure:
The majority of people (gamblers or not) know that Blackjack is a thing.
We recognize that Blackjack is one of the most universal casino games in the world.
HOWEVER - the skill-based nature of the game creates FRICTION that affects players in a number of ways.
Friction is exactly what prevents new players from playing at a table, or could even chase them away!
IMAGINE yourself having access to a Blackjack solution that could satisfy your chance-based players!!
We consider both Player and Dealer viewpoints with our patented solution 21STUD®.
The game features chance-based mechanics and reduced complexity, along with a structured payoff system that promotes toking.

Our goal is to TRANSFORM the world's most recognized game into something accessible to anyone.

Your Dealers will LOVE to deal this game! ♥
Happy Dealers lead to happy Players.
Happy Players leads to increased handle.
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